Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is 2010

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

It is 2010. And this is my 2nd entry for this year. My 1st entry is ‘The Climb’ by Joe Mcelderry (actually I’ve already knew that the song was sang by Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana The Movie but I prefer Joe’s version (Joe Mcelderry is the champion for X-Factor 2009).

What? Surprise!!

I’m writing in English. For some of us, it is maybe a weird thing for me (some people might say “he is a Malay debater, how can he write in English? Bla bla bla...”). So, if I’m a Malay debater, then I can’t write in English? Is it wrong? Bear in mind that I’m studying Law in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and the medium for teaching and learning is English. Well, basically I want to show that I’m in the process of moving forward. I want to do something which is I’ve never try before this which is writing in my blog, but in English. Others might say “dia ingat dia bagus ke?” Do I care? Daaa~ Talk to the hand people.

2009 has passed. It is now 2010. How about my target for 2009? I failed to fulfil anyone of them. I’ve failed to become the champion for any public speaking competition (information: the only public speaking competition that I’ve joined last year was Pertandingan Pidato Antarabangsa Bahasa Melayu (PABM)).

Other than that, I’ve failed to win any debate tournament (information: the only 2 tournaments that I’ve joined for 2009 are: Debat Alam Sekitar & Debat Di Raja).

How about my healthy lifestyle? It is not consistent, sometimes I can but sometimes I can’t (due to unexpected & expected things).

How about 2010?

I don’t want to be ambitious. But I have to make this clear. This is my final year for me in the coaching team for MCKK Debating Team. Why? Because by December (Insya Allah) I will be graduating from IIUM. I need to settle a lot of things like looking for a place for chambering, where to live etc. And due to that circumstances that I’ve expected to be, I need to let go the thing that I love so much. Sometimes when you love someone, you need to let him/her go. In my case, I need to let go my debating team. Not because I hate it or because I’m losing any interest to coach the team. No. It is not. It is not easy for me to decide. Learning to decide is one thing, whether the decision is right or wrong is another issue.

I’ve done this voluntary work since 2005 (after my SPM).
It is not an easy job, you have to sacrifice your money, your time with the family, your time with your friends and others, and can you imagine, you are doing this in your capacity as a student? I’m not a bright student like others who manage to get scholarship. For them, financial matter may not be a fundamental constraint. For me, it is and throughout my life as an IIUM’s student, it caused me headache even though most of them were supported by Abg Raf as the chief coach. When he left the team, we have to support by our own. It is hard guys. Seriously. We have to plan the budget carefully, ask from the school some money in order to pay our tickets etc.

In my status quo-I still can manage it because I have my PTPTN loan, but when I graduate and when I am jobless, from where am I getting the money?
And even if I am lucky enough for getting a good place for chambering & good payment, I’m afraid that I will neglect the team because I have to fulfil my master’s demand in order for me to stay in that firm. When we have to choose which way we want to go, each decision is very crucial and critical because it will determine what will happen to our life after this. And I decide to choose this road. That’s why in my final year for being the coach, I am thinking of trying my best in order to bring the team at least to be the finalist for PPM at national level. That’s my target for this year for the MCKK Debating Team.

For my debating club in IIUM? I will not forget this family too. The only target for this club is to get the best team’s award for 2010. In order to get that award, each tournament, IIUM need to be in the final, at least. Recently I’ve joined Debat Piala Ketua Hakim Negara 2010 at UKM. We managed to be in the final however we lost in the final due to our own mistakes. But in another perspective, it is a good start for us because the momentum to be in the final is there and we need to keep up the momentum. It is not easy to be in the final-you have to attend a lot of trainings, make a lot of research etc. That is the recipe for anyone to be in the final (other than luck).

Starting from February 2010, I will try to jog at least 3 times for every week. If I want to go to the gym, it depends on Bean, whether he is going out with Dod or not, whether he is joining his football team (Benchwarmers) or not. So, the resolution is-I have to do it by myself.

Well, that’s the end for my 2nd entry.

I really hope that my dreams will come true, Insya Allah, with Allah’s bless & unlimited effort, we can do it!!


  1. suka sgt baca...
    even i x mahir sgt english...
    dgn entry tersebut..
    bahasa yg mudah difham...
    rasa seronok baca...
    'bitaufiq wannajah fi kulli hal'
    moga sukses dgn azam andA!!

  2. jom kita gi jog dan gym bro :)

    sy pun nak healthy lifestyle jgk.

  3. 'talk to the hand' hahah. classic!

    thanks for reminding me that i need to workout pronto!!

    good luck with all the resolutions Izzy! may the force of sticking to it be with you :)

    ps: kenapa lah tgh training pun muka aku tikus :(