Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Your Raise Me Up

When I am down and oh my soul, so weary
When troubles come and my heart, burdened be
Then I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit a while with me

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas
I am strong when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be

You raise me up to more than I can be

Tribute to:
Allahyarham Md Jonid bin Md Noor
(25th August 1955-10th August 2006)

Happy Father's Day



  1. may Allah bless him with His nvr ending love .. n may the blessings of Allah fill ur father's life with happiness in the hereafter..lagu nie bestkan.. n one of my fav songs n lagu nie ingtkn kat, wish u best of luck 4 ur future undertakings! (^_^*)