Saturday, August 14, 2010

Debat Alam Sekitar 2010 (UMT)

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

It has been a while. Sorry guys, being a final year and final semester student, plus co-curricular responsibilities, it consumes a lot of my time.

The first week of my final semester is occupied by my commitment to the debating club in IIUM. I have promised to my juniors that I will follow them to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). That’s why I went there together with some other club members (if I may consider them as a part of the club). The team for Environmental Debate this time is a junior team, the coach decided to send the juniors to this major tournament. The team consists of Radzi (captain), Redza, Mael & Aiman. The supporters are: Mazru, Jasmin, Fakhrul, Asma’, Amalina, Fazreen, Laishalaha, and myself.

Well, this is the first tournament that we didn’t break to the knockout rounds. We ranked number 13 out of 24 teams if I’m not mistaken. We lost to UTP, UPSI and UM. As almost everyone should know that winning 3 matches out of 6 matches is not sufficient to make you qualify for the knockouts.

Post mortem had been conducted. Hopefully all of us learned something from what had happen. Always remember that Allah only helps those who are trying their best to succeed.

May Allah bless us in the future.

Pictures from: Radzi Tajuddin & Asma’ Nadhiyya

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