Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mock Trial 2010: Adrenaline 090909

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

The Poster:

Iftar Jama'ie:

It is Nana’s effort, together with a few of her friends to handle 2010’s mock trial, a program which is in conjunction with the convocation fiesta of IIUM. They managed to convince Law Society of IIUM and mock trial of 2010 is theirs. They appointed me as the Program Manager, to handle management thingy while Nana acted as the Director, which is clear that she is in charge for the production house.

Audition has been conducted, around 40 students turned up for the audition. Alhamdulillah. Trainings, meetings and rehearsals were conducted to make sure that every problem will be solved, by all means. We managed to conduct iftar jami’e, solat maghrib, solat isyak, solat terawikh and solat hajat berjemaah, and not forgetting the Yaasin recitation. During that time, we were so afraid because we heard rumours saying that some people will sabotage our show. That’s why we need to be careful and tone down in terms of our promotion.

5th October 2010-the show. The VVIP for the show supposedly our IGP-Tan Sri Ismail Omar but at 6.55 pm, his PA informed us that Tan Sri cannot make it because he got emergency case in Melaka (maybe it is about Arwah Sosilawati’s case). So, our VVIP for the night is a Federal Court Judge, Dato’ Bentara Luar Hj Hashim if I’m not mistaken. There is also a few artists that came to our show like Mrs Ellie Suriaty, Mr Azad Jasmin & Miss Eira Syazira (Mr Azad & Miss Eira are our coaches and there is a special appearance of Miss Eira at the end of the show) and not forgetting Mr Nizam Zakaria, producer for Spa Q if I’m not mistaken.

Alhamdulillah, everything went very well and smoothly. According to our VVIP, this is the best concert that he ever watched (why concert? Maybe the band, lead by Nawa, Samprit The Kugiran performed very well, together with the singer, as usual, Syazwan Shuhaimi (he is Miss Eira’s borther) hahaha). And our Rector and Dean intended to bring the masterpiece to be performed at Istana Budaya (I’m also not sure whether the project is going on or what). To conclude, the show was a success and congratulations to all committees and actors/actresses.

After the show has ended, the management committee need to prepare the report of the program together with the financial report. There is an interesting story pertaining to the financial report. The officer in charge did not want to release our money. She gave us so many petty reasons like and one of them is the financial report was not binding. When the companies which we indebted a big amount of money (thousands) asked us when they can get the money, we asked them to wait since the officer did not want to release sponsorship money. One of the companies can’t wait, they asked my friend to pay the remaining amount, around RM1, 150 (if I’m not mistaken) during weekend and my friend did not have any options other than to pay the company using all of his saving money in the account. This matter has been brought to a higher officer in the Kulliyyah, the answer is very irritating and annoying. He said “pandai-pandailah cari duit sendiri”. OMG. What kind of answer that came from an officer who dealt with students’ activities? However, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah came to know about this and he advanced his own money for us to pay the debts. When the officers of the Kuliyyah got to know that we used Deputy Minister’s advanced money, they were angry and called me to the office during my final exams. They try to put the blame on the students, yet I’ve managed to answer each and every accusations to show that- look, you guys are so slow in doing things, when an officer take a leave, no one can handle that thing until he or she come back. One question, if that officer dies, does that mean no one can handle that thing anymore?

I am so disappointed with their style of working because they seem not to understand the constraints that we, the students are facing. We don’t have any monthly income like you are, in order to advance our own money first, in fact we have advanced our own money before this and we don’t have money like you do. Other than that, the officers are quiet slow in terms of processing documents. How can to get an officer’s signature, need to wait 3-4 days? To get approval letter, need to wait nearly two weeks some more. I am not commenting based on my program per se, but I’ve heard the same comments and complaints from students from various programs, and yet, it still happens. I hope, the officers will have a paradigm shift in terms of doing things and please improve your system. If that system can be qualified as MS ISO 1400, I don’t know how bad it can be for any office who managed to get such qualification. This comment is for all of us to improve.

Training & Rehearsal:

The Show:

Credit to Syazwan Shuhaimi-Mak Hayam Designer.


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