Thursday, February 10, 2011

Graduated from IIUM

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Here I attach some pictures during the photo shoot session for our AGD's magazine:

My batch (erkkk, not complete actually)

Roommate & best friend in AIKOL-Shahir Tahir

With Najlaa

With Sha Chantek~



EPS Minus 1

With Makram, Usaid, Mad & Usop SUKSIS

I have graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Based on my release letter, I am officially graduated on 24th December 2010, means that before that, I am still a student of IIUM. Why the date of release letter is important? It is because it is the date whereby I finished my study in IIUM. The date where unofficially I have resigned from being the President of Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM) of IIUM (why unofficial? The AGM had been postponed for so many times due to one problem. Only certain people know about this. Or almost everyone knows about this? hehehe). Never mind, it is the date where I have resigned unofficially because a graduate cannot hold any post for any club or society. Never mind. I’m going to write about KDBM later.

I hardly remember how many there are in my batch in AIKOL. I am only close to certain people or a group of people. The others? Sorry guys, not because I am arrogant or cocky, but it is just me-I am shy. (Teeeet~)

We finished our last paper for our final semester on 14th November 2010 and our dinner was held on 15th November 2010 (the next day). Since there is a time constraint, we hardly prepare any extraordinary performance for the dinner. Oh, by the way, I am one of the committee for the Annual Graduation Dinner (AGD), Assistant for Miss Hied (Malaysia’s Celine Dion) for Program Coordinator of the night. Together with Miss Azura, Miss Qimah and Miss Riz.

The VVIP for the night is our current Chief Justice, YAA Tun Dato’ Seri Zaki Tun Azmi. The dinner is OK for certain people but not smooth enough for me, personally since rehearsal only being conducted twice before the dinner due to certain problems. Yet, Alhamdulillah, no bad things happen. Thank you to Nawa and the gang including Syazwan Shuhaimi , my best buddy in debating club in IIUM since he is the singer for the band (even though the microphone did not functioned when the band is playing Sway by Michael Buble, however everything goes well after that.) Many of my friends called him the most handsome singer in IIUM. That’s why some people thought he is ex-boyfriend for somebody. (Teeeet~)

That is the end for my life as a law student of IIUM. I’m going to miss those moments especially with ‘EPS Minus One’ gang i.e. Shahir Tahir, Amirah, Qimah & Azura. Nowadays, many things have changed. Before this, we used to be friend, but something happens, a best friend can be our worst enemy. For God’s sake, I don’t know what happen. Just because of jealousy and insecurity, people can backstab people who they called besties before this. Let’s pray to our God, so that we do not fall within the ambit of such people.


Pictures for the AGD:

With some of the committee members for AGD: Ame, Muaz, Shahlan, Hashim, Daoh & Bean

With Hied & Riz before the dinner

With Nana, Nonny & Syazwe

With Shahir Tahir a.k.a Bean


With Apap, Dalicious & Nawa

With Syazwe

Program Coordinator



With Prom King-Hashim

Red carpet

*Credit to the photographers and owner of the pictures; Wandy, Bean, Kakak Najlaa, Syazwe, Najlaa, Nonny, Apap, Nahili, Pika and others, I can't remember. Sorry.

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